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SolarCareUK's Residential Team are working to install more residential solar panels to help developers meet their carbon targets using solar electricity than anyone else in the UK.

Our experienced team provides initial project assessment and practical advice on how photovoltaic systems can help in attaining the Code For Sustainable Homes and other carbon targets required by 'Merton Rule' style planning policies.

Our Service provides turnkey projects as well as pre-engineered solar photovoltaic systems for:

  • Large Housing Developers
  • Regional Developers, Smaller Housing Developers and Self Builders
  • On large residential solar projects, we will work with your SAP assessor or energy consultant to identify the most appropriate solar technology for your project. Once a suitable solar product has been selected, our experienced Project Delivery Team will design, supply, install and commission the system for you.

Call us on 0345 6000 217, or fill in our enquiry form to find out more about solar for your building or development project.